What fitment size?

How to Choose the Right Fitting

Bulb Fitting

The base of your bulb provides an electrical connection to your light fixture and makes sure that the light is held in the right position. It is important that you know the cap type, as certain bulb fittings will not fit securely in the type of light fixture you have in your building.

There are different types of bulb fittings, including Bayonet caps, Edison Screw Caps, Fluorescent tubes, architectural and strip lights, LED, compact fluorescents and halogen capsules, to name a few. To assist you with your purchasing decision and ensure you are selecting the right one for your light fixture, we will talk through each of the bulb fittings we have in our collection.

Edison Screw Caps E27

Named after the person who patented the first commercially successful bulb, Thomas Edison, the Edison Screw cap is one of the most universally used light bulbs and is used worldwide in a vast range of applications.

This standard lightbulb features a right-hand threaded metal base, which will screw into matching threaded sockets. This type of fitting is also known as an E27 fitting and is used in modern lighting fixtures such as lamps.

Edison Small Screw Caps E14

Similar to E27 Cap, the Small Edison Screw is the smaller version of the popular fitting and used through out many different lighting applications.  

Bayonet Caps B22

Mainly used in the UK, Bayonet caps are well known for their push and twist-action involved when you fit them into your fixture. These caps are referred to as BC, followed by a number that identifies the diameter of the base.

Small Bayonet Cap B15

These are the smaller fitting push pin LED bulbs frequently found in order type of lighting fixture and fittings. Operating with the same push pin movement to fit the bulbs into place.  

GU10 Spot Lighting

GU10 bulbs typically feature two pins, which are commonly used in spot lighting. Spot lighting features a strong beam of light that illuminate a certain area, and these lighting fixtures are common in kitchens and bathrooms, which a beam of light is needed.

Our Collection

From spot light bulbs to reflectors, our collection features a range of bulbs with a variety of bases to suit your needs. We have bayonet caps and Edison screw caps, for example, with various temperature colours, such as 6500k, which is equivalent to the colour of light provided on a cloudy day.

We also have different types of light bulbs, such as candle lightbulbs and standard lightbulbs. Our wide collection of lightbulbs also features cool and warm light, different wattage and a variety of bulb fittings. Our aim is to be your one-stop shop for all your lighting needs, which is why we offer such a range of bulbs with different specifications. 

All Light Lighting Solutions

Our suppliers have rigorously tested all our products, conform to UK standards and are A+ energy rated. All our Lighting UK products meet a set list of criteria which means they are safe to use in your building. Quality and safety are paramount to our business, which is why we follow these strict procedures and regulations.

If you have any questions about the bulb fittings, we have in our collection, feel free to reach out to a member of the All Lights team. We will happily help you find the bulb you need.

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