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The type of lighting in your home or office can affect more than just the ambience. The right lighting could help you relax or be more productive, and it is all down to the colour temperature of the bulb you choose. Warm, white bulbs, for example, emit a soft white light that is typically yellow and warm. You can tell that a home has a warm white bulb if their home has a yellowish tinge. These types of bulbs are ideal for rooms where you want to unwind and relax after a long day.

Our collection of warm white bulbs will help you relax. These affordable, reliable and high-quality bulbs are ideal for your home. You can check out our entire range of warm white bulbs and see which style, size, and wattage meets your needs and requirements.

Explaining 2700K Warm bulbs

As you will see from our warm white bulbs collection, they all have a label saying ‘warm light 2700K’. The 2700K refers to the colour temperature, which is the scale that measures how warm or cool a light source is. The numerical value refers to the measurement, as it is measured in degrees of the Kelvin scale, hence the ‘K’. The higher the number, the cooler the light is; for example, 6500K refers to our cool light collection, while 2700K is our warm light collection.

Warm white lights are ideal for rooms that are meant for relaxing, such as your living room, dining room or bedrooms.

Benefits of warm white bulbs

As mentioned, warm white bulbs are ideal for rooms where you want to unwind and relax, such as the living room or bedroom. Another benefit of warm white bulbs is that they are easier for your eyes to handle, as they are not as harsh as cool white light, which highlights every imperfection in a room.

Warm white bulbs are better when you are looking for softer light fixtures for our living room, lounge or even the bedroom, as they encourage you to relax as the light isn’t as harsh on your eyes. Our warm white bulbs will also provide you with a warm and cosy atmosphere, which is ideal when you come home after work, looking to unwind and relax on the sofa.

Our collection of warm white bulbs

Our collection of warm white bulbs features various styles, bases, wattage and designs, plus a variety of combinations of those qualities. For example, we have a range of wattage from 30W to 135W. We also have a collection of different style warm white bulbs, including candle, candle filament, GLS and Golf.

Golf ball bulbs are ideal for light fixtures which are on the small side, and they are great for decorative purposes, as are candle bulbs. Candle bulbs are specifically designed to resemble the appearance of a flame from a candle to add to a calming environment. GLS bulbs, on the other hand, are designed to replace your existing incandescent light bulbs, and filament bulbs are much more eco-friendly than classic incandescent ones.

All of our warm white bulbs will create a relaxing environment, regardless of the shape, and each is made from high-quality material and tested vigorously by our suppliers. Our affordable, sturdy, and high-quality warm white bulbs will illuminate your home or office in warm, yellowish light, creating a calming and welcoming environment.

Why buy Bayonet bulbs from

The type of lighting you have in your home or office can affect your productivity, mood and atmosphere, which is why choosing the right type of lighting, is important. Thanks to our wide selection of warm white bulbs, you can select the shape, wattage and type that suits your space. Whether you are looking for a warm white bulb with a candle design or a candle filament with a warm light temperature, we have you covered.

You can select the type of bulb combination you need; for example, you can select the base type and the shape of bulb you need for your space. Whether you need a warm white bulb with a Bayonet base or a warm white bulb with an Edison Screw base, we have the bulb for you.

As you can see from the wide array of bulbs in our collection, our aim is to provide you with different types of bulbs to suit your requirements. This is why, when it comes to our number one aim, customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our team at will work with you, our customer, to make sure you are receiving the right selection of bulbs from our online store. We want to illuminate your residential or commercial property while going the extra mile to ensure you have a high-quality experience.

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Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction, right now on, you can add as many bulbs as you need to your online shopping basket, with the knowledge that we offer free UK shipping on certain bulbs. We also offer a no minimum order value, which means you have the freedom to order what you need, rather than the minimum order value to reach free delivery.

For additional peace of mind, all our warm white bulbs are extensively tested by our dedicated suppliers to ensure that each and every product conforms to UK standards. Our suppliers have a strict list of standards that every product must meet to ensure that our bulbs are safe, durable and reliable. Thanks to these standards, you will be receiving high-quality bulbs, which are safe to use in your commercial or residential property.

If you have any questions about the warm white bulbs that we have in our collection, feel free to reach out to a member of the team. We will happily help you find the bulb that suits your home or office space. Additionally, if you need help finding the right warm white bulb for your space, our team will happily help point you in the right direction.