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LED Reflector Bulbs

Our reflector bulb product category revolves around our high-quality range of LED bulbs, which are designed to meet the highest industry standards. These reflector bulbs are a cost-effective replacement for your existing incandescent light bulbs, which are not as energy-efficient or as eco-friendly.

Not only will these reflector bulbs help save you money in the long term, but they will also save you time, as you will not need to replace them as often as traditional bulbs. We have a variety of colour temperatures, sizes, wattage, and lumen output in our reflector LED bulb collection, which means you can locate the bulbs that suit your current applications.


Types of Refector LED Bulbs

Reflector bulbs are lined with a reflective surface which creates a wide beam angle. These types of bulbs are often referred to when describing modern lighting technology. The design of the bulb allows many tiny reflectors inside the bulb to focus and concentrate the light in a forward-facing direction. This clever innovation makes it easy to project a spotlight effect.

Our wide array of LED reflector bulbs features various combinations of colour temperature, base type and wattage. For example, we have an R80 bulb reflector with cool lighting, but we also have an R80 bulb reflector with warm lighting.

In our collection, you will be able to find a reflector bulb that suits your requirements and applications, so you can get that desirable spotlight feature.

We have different base types in our LED reflector bulbs collection including, R39, R50, R63 and R80. The letter refers to the shape of the reflector bulb, while the number after the letter refers to the diameter. Many of our reflector bulbs feature a screw cap base, which is easy to easy and switch.

Different types of Reflector LED lighting temperature

Your mood can be drastically affected by the lighting in your room, which is why it is essential that you pick the specific colour temperature you need. For example, we have warm lighting and cool lighting; both are suitable for different activities and rooms.

Warm lighting, for example, is said to simulate the warm ambient glow and feel of a sunset, which makes it ideal for sitting rooms, living rooms or anywhere you wish to relax and get cosy. On the other hand, cool lighting is described as clinical and white, which makes it ideal for kitchens and study spaces. White light is said to be a great way to keep you focused and productive. Cool lighting is also ideal for kitchens, as mentioned, as bright illumination is needed for tedious tasks such as cutting up vegetables and preparing other foods with precision.

We have also identified the different temperatures using the Kelvin scale. You will notice that the warm lights have a colour temperature of approximately 2700K, while the cooler, white light LED bulbs have a colour temperature of approximately 6500K. This scale showcases the differences in colour temperature between the different LED candle bulbs.

Benefits of Relector bulbs

LED reflector LED bulbs provide unparalleled light when you need it most, which is why they are used in spotlight and flood applications. The cone-like feature helps create the spotlight effect, making it ideal in stage or recessed lighting. These types of LED bulbs are also used as security or kitchen lights due to their design.

LED bulbs, in general, are up to 80% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, as they waste less energy converting electricity into heat and focus on creating light. Since LED bulbs focus on creating light, it means they will last longer and will be brighter. LED's require less power to run than other forms of lighting, which has a positive effect on the environment.

Since LED lighting is so energy efficient, it also means they have a lower cost, using less electricity than their traditional counterparts. In the long run, you will save money as you will be buying fewer light bulbs. You will also be saving time, as you will not need to replace LED reflector bulbs as often as you would traditional lighting.

Overall, these LED reflector bulbs are a great way to provide modern ceiling lighting or lighting within cupboards, as they can illuminate hard to see areas in your home or commercial property

Each of our LED reflector bulbs has set specifications that are clearly showcased on each listing. For example, the light colour, lumens, beam angle, input voltage, warranty length and more are listed beneath each LED reflector bulb. These details are listed to ensure you select the bulb that is right for your requirements and applications.

Why buy LED Refelctor bulbs from

When it comes to buying LED reflector bulbs online, you want to be reassured that you are choosing a responsible and reliable supplier. At All Lights, our main aim revolves around customer's satisfaction. We work together with our customers to ensure they are receiving high-quality LED bulbs that suit their requirements. We want to illuminate your residential or commercial property, which is why we offer such a wide range of LED reflector bulbs online.

Since customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business, you will be happy to know that you can add as many bulbs as you need to your online shopping basket, with the knowledge that we offer free UK shipping on all orders of our LED bulbs. There is no minimum order value, or other requirements, as we want you to buy what you need.

All Lights Lighting Solutions 

All of our LED reflector bulbs have been rigorously tested by our suppliers to ensure that they meet a set list of criteria which means they conform to UK standards and are A+ energy rated. Quality, durability and safety are paramount to our business, which is why we follow such strict procedures.

Feel free to read more about our bulbs on our information page or reach out to us to ask any relevant questions. Browse through our collection of LED reflector bulbs today, and see how our lighting can make a difference to your residential or commercial property.