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Looking for a GU10 LED Bulb replacement for your less-than-ideal halogen or incandescent light bulbs? GU10 bulbs are a great choice for your home due to their energy efficiency, luminosity, and various colour options. These low-wattage lighting solutions are highly appreciated for the bright directional light they emit. They will come in handy for any place requiring good illumination including kitchens, hallways, workspaces, and others. Our GU10 light bulbs are available in cool white and warm white colours thus letting you create the right atmosphere in your home.

All-lights bulbs have been produced by one of the worlds largest producers of LED bulbs with the express focus of high quality  bulbs. Having worked with these suppliers for over 5 years we are confident of exceeding our customers high standards.

GU10 LED Bulbs Cool White

Our Cool Light bulbs are 6500K this gives the bulbs produce a wonderful crisp light with a blue tint. For example our bulbs are often placed in kitchens or bathroom setting where a clear fresh light setting is needed for clarity.

GU10 LED Warm white

Our Warm Light bulbs are 2700K this gives the bulbs produce a softer light with a yellow tint. For example our bulbs are often placed in settings where a softer light setting is needed for warm cozy feeling.

Our energy saving bulbs are designed to only consume 5W of energy and produce equivalent output of old style 50W halogen bulbs. Therefore saving our customers additional running costs and hassle of broken bulbs.


52 to 40w


52 to 40w

What are LED GU10 Bulbs?
GU10 indicates a fitting type these light bulbs provide. The bulb’s base has two square 10 mm pins, which make them similar to MR16. While the two models look almost identical at first glance, their fittings are actually different. The latter has a couple of short thin pins. You need to be careful in order not to confuse these models because GU10 lights won’t fit MR16 lamps and vice versa. When it comes to a plastic enclosure gu10 spot, it can be either flat or gently rounded. Overall, LED GU10 bulbs do resemble their old halogen predecessors. They deliver all benefits of a directional spotlight design. Thanks to a push and twist bayonet mount it is a breeze to use GU10 bulbs. Just place them into the light fixture, twist and you are ready to go!
Types of GU10 Light Bulbs
Before 2016, you could find halogen GU10 lighting solutions. However, an EU directive declared them ineffective and banned their sale in Europe, including the United Kingdom. Instead of halogen, you are able to gain all benefits of LED light bulbs, which show greater energy-saving potential. Design-wise, GU10 light bulbs are available in two variations. The most popular type has a relatively short (50-55 mm) mount suitable for common GU10 lamps. Along with that, you may come across long-barrel bulbs. You can recognize them by a longer – 75 mm – body. These models are designed to fit deeper-than-standard L1/GU10 fittings. This format is a popular option for furniture featuring spotlights.
Warm GU10 Bulbs
One of the greatest things about LED lighting, including LED GU10, is that it is available in a range of colours. Light bulbs that generate approximately 3000 Kelvin degrees produce warm yellow light that strongly resembles that of halogen and incandescent bulbs. Warm Light bulbs have a calming and soothing effect on the central nervous system. We recommend gu10 led downlight solution for rooms you spend most of your time in including bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, dining rooms, etc. The soft colour makes the atmosphere cosier, hides skin imperfections, and is easy on the eyes.
Cool GU10 Bulbs
GU10 light bulbs emitting cool white light are more luminous in comparison to their warm counterparts. Thanks to the 6500 Kelvin degrees they generate, they are a great pick for rooms and areas requiring maximum lighting - kitchens, offices, garages, outdoor yards, etc. Along with that, cool-light GU10 bulbs are a go-to solution for industrial and commercial purposes. If you need to illuminate a product display, showroom, make-up room, etc. cool light is your best bet because it doesn’t distort objects’ real colours. All in all, such neon-like lighting is capable of adding a modern, industrial feel to the surrounding space.
Benefits of LED GU10 Bulbs
GU10 have every single benefit of LED lighting: - top-of-the-range diodes ensure superb brightness; - outstanding energy efficiency – LED lights use 85% less energy than halogen counterparts. A 5 Watt LED bulb will shine as bright as 50 Watt halogen analogue; - longer lifespan. LED bulbs last about 10 times longer than halogen ones. While older bulbs will serve you within 3000 hours, LED lights boast a lifespan of at least 15 000 hours. This means fewer replacement bills and less hassle! - No heat at all. Unlike incandescent bulbs, gu10 ceiling light won't increase ambient temperature. Besides that, GU10 bulbs easily withstand vibrations, temperature changes, and moderate shocks. This makes it possible to manufacture them compact and fairly discreet. LED GU10 bulbs feature one more advantage – they are super easy to use. It will take you mere seconds to insert it into a lighting fixture and make it work. You don’t have to alter or unscrew anything in the fixtures. All you need to do is align prongs with a socket, twist, and that’s it your gu10 spotlight bulbs are all set!