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LED Golf Ball Bulbs

Golf ball light bulbs are known for their modest round shape beneficial for light fixtures being on a smaller side. On top of that, their eye-pleasing design makes them a great option for decorative purposes such as Hollywood-style make-up mirrors. Our golfball light bulbs come in a variety of fittings, light temperatures, and styles helping you choose an option meeting your lighting needs to a T. ensures the highest quality for every LED golf ball bulb found in our catalogues while keeping their price at a minimum giving great value for moneysavings.


What are Golf Ball Light Bulbs

Our G45 light bulbs are similar to golf balls in their appearance – their glass or plastic cover is small and round. Normally, it is not much larger than a bulb’s base. They are a very common option for table lamps, sconces, as well as decorative elements of furniture and furnishings.

Golf Ball Light Bulbs

While the top parts of golf ball bulb models are similar – they may slightly vary in size, colour, and slope - the fittings are available in a few designs.

B15 small bayonet (SBC) caps are the smallest around. With only 15 mm in diameter, they are a popular option for scones, wall lights, product displays, etc. This design is one of the easiest to use – to install such a bulb, you just need to push it into place and twist.

B22 bayonets (BC) are a larger version of B15 SBC. Having the same push and twist design, these fittings are suitable for fixtures with a diameter of 22 mm. BC fittings are a versatile and handy option for all your domestic, commercial, and industrial lighting solutions.

E27 Edison Screw (ES) is the most common option in the UK and Europe. While counterparts created for the US market have 26 mm in diameters, these bulbs feature a slightly larger base of 27 mm and are suitable for a 240 V electrical system. Edison screw light bulbs have been around since 1881, so it comes as no surprise that they are found in so many lamps, sconces, and chandeliers. This screw-in fitting type is especially popular in Europe, while the UK market is largely dominated by push-and-twist caps.

E14 Small Edison Screw (SES) is similar to standard ES bases, only smaller in size. Featuring a fitting of only 14 mm, these light bulbs have a wide range of applications from small desk lamps to wall lighting.

White and Transparent Golf Ball Bulbs

The models you can find on the market today, including those in All Lights golf ball light bulb catalogues, have an opaque bulb constructed from glass or heat-resistant plastic. These designs are often called pearl, frosted, or opal because of their white-coloured bulbs. Such an enclosure efficiently hides LED components and has a neat appearance. The light these designs produce is slightly different from the one emitted by transparent bulbs. It is softer, smoother, and more diffuse - it is generally accepted that it is more pleasing to the eye. Opaque golf ball LED lights are a preferable solution for areas that require a well-distributed output.

In addition, offer clear LED golfball light bulbs known for their retro look. Clear glass or temperature-resistant plastic doesn’t hide a bulb’s working, which lets you apply a distinct lighting style to your rooms. Besides the design factor, clear light bulbs emit shaper and crisper light with dramatic shadows. You can utilize them to create light and shade effects by placing into lamps with creative perforated or cut patterns. While you can reap many benefits of using these light bulbs around your house, they are suitable for commercial and industrial use as well. Whether it is a garage, warehouse, or construction site, they will fill the area with a bright crisp light.

Cool White and Warm White Golf Ball Light Bulbs

We understand that your lighting preferences may vary depending on the area of application. Therefore, we deliver golf ball bulbs that give off contrasting colours – cool white and warm white.

Cool-coloured light bulbs boast a higher lumen output meaning they tend to shine brighter than their warmer counterparts. Their colour temperature equals 6500 Kelvin, and it looks like a definite blue hue. These light bulbs are also known as daylight.

They are an excellent choice for the following occasions:
- you need to maximize lighting input in such areas as kitchens, laundry rooms, workshops, garages, offices;
- you want to see original, undistorted colours of surrounding objects;
- you prefer a cool industrial style in interior design.

Warm white golf ball bulbs emit light at a temperature up to 2700 Kelvin degrees. This light is very similar to what incandescent and halogen bulbs produce – it feels warm, cosy, and sunny. If you enjoy a pleasant homey atmosphere for your bedroom, dining room, nursery, or kitchen, you can’t go wrong with warm LED light. We don’t recommend using this lighting option for wardrobes, make-up rooms, showrooms, and product displays because yellow ambient light changes colour perception.

Benefits of Buying Golf Ball Light Bulbs from All Lights is a one-stop online shop delivering a wide range of golf ball light bulbs and other lighting options. We carefully select bulb types, designs, and colours to fully meet your requirements. While doing so, we focus on quality – both the quality of products and customer service – and affordable prices. In fact, our prices are some of the lowest around. To make your shopping experience even more enjoyable, we provide no-charge delivery across the mainland UK courtesy of Royal Mail. When other companies set qualifying minimum spending, we don’t have any requirements. Even if you decide to purchase a single pack of light bulb, we’ll deliver it at no extra cost.

LED golf ball bulbs found in our catalogues are a great combination of state-of-the-art technologies, excellent lifespan, and reasonable price. We supply all popular types including Edison screws in 27 mm and 14 mm as well as easy-to-install bayonet cap designs. Whether you gravitate to warmer or cooler lighting options, we’ve got you covered as well.