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LED Filament

LED filament light bulbs are similar to classic incandescent ones, only better. While providing the exact same aesthetic advantages, they are much more eco-friendlier, energy-saving, and long-serving. If you seek to add more style and retro feel to your interiors, you can fully rely on a LED filament bulb. All Lights delivers these top-of-the-range modern bulbs mimicking old-fashioned style in a great variety of options. You can benefit from different fittings B15 Small Bayonet, B22 Bayonet, E14 Small Edison Screw, E27 Edison Screw, colour temperatures, luminosities, and overall designs. No matter which model you choose, excellent quality and affordable prices are guaranteed.


The Look of Incandescent, the Benefits of LED

Everybody loves old-style incandescent bulbs with visible filaments of fancy shapes. One look at this design is enough to imaginary travel 140 years back to the Industrial Revolution era. Thanks to the revived interest in vintage style, filament bulbs are all the rage these days. However, while their ability to please the eye is beyond a shadow of a doubt, their energy-saving capabilities leave much to be desired. Traditional incandescent bulbs turn only 10% of the energy they consume into light. The rest 90% translates into heat.

LED filament light bulbs are the answer if you’re looking for a retro-style but you don’t want to compromise on energy efficiency. Instead of heating a filament, they produce light by sending an electrical charge through diodes featuring a semiconductor material. As a result, LED lights use energy much more efficiently, create little heat, and boast a significantly longer lifespan.

The Uniqueness of Filament LED Light Bulbs

While traditional LED light bulbs and filament LED bulbs use the same technology at their core, they actually look quite different. Regular models offer a white glass or plastic enclosure for diode components. An opaque style looks neat and modern but it lacks individuality. Filament LED bulbs are a totally different thing. Instead of hiding their diodes behind a frosted cover, they put them on display. A clear glass or plastic enclosure lets you see what's inside, and it opens up new vistas for designers to experiment with diode arrangements.

To emulate the sought-after retro filament look, diodes are placed inside long thin glass cylinders. A single-cylinder is normally not enough to ensure satisfactory luminosity; therefore, you can see two, three, four, and more strands of diodes creating a unique vintage feel.

Besides the look full of charisma, filament LED bulbs offer other benefits over traditional LED options. Because the latter utilizes a single large diode or a group of smaller diodes tightly packed together, they require substantial heat sinks, i.e. mechanisms that remove heat from diodes. Half of a light bulb reserved for a heat sink results in a limited light angle.

Filament LED lights, in contrast, have smaller diodes, and they are ‘stretched’ along a greater area. Because they produce less heat, they don’t need large heat sinks. In the end, filament-style LED lights ensure a wider light angle, similar to incandescent bulbs. Simply put, they are better in terms of illuminating every corner of your room.

Advantages of Filament LED Bulbs

Since filament LED lights combine the features of traditional LED and incandescent bulbs, let's look at their advantages through the lens of comparison with their counterparts.

Advantages of Filament LEDs Over Incandescent Bulbs

- Filament LED lights use 75% less power than their incandescent counterparts. You can use 11-12 watts LED bulb to have the same light output as a 50-watt bulb featuring an old-school incandescent technology;

- Filament LED bulbs last longer than incandescent ones. You can have only 1000 hours of work if you opt for incandescent lighting. If you upgrade it to LED, you can increase this figure to 15 000 hours and more;

- Filament LEDs give off little heat.

The only reason you may give preferences to incandescent light bulbs is that they are ‘a real thing’ while filament LEDs are only an imitation of their design. That being said, filament light bulbs offer a wider range of eye-pleasing variation due to different diode placements and arrangements.

Advantages of Filament LEDs Over Traditional LED Lights

- Filament LEDs offer more individuality and charisma;

- They have a wide lighting angle – while traditional LEDs have a 180 angle, their filament counterparts boast almost a 360 angle;

- Come in a variety of designs.

All Lights – Your Reliable Filament LED Light Bulb Supplier

Here, at, we make sure that all your requirements regarding filament LED designs are met in full measure. Whether you’re looking for candle-shaped, GLS, Golf Ball styles, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, we offer a nice range of bulb fittings including traditional Edison Screw ones 14 mm and 27 mm in diameter as well as fast-to-install bayonet caps of traditional

22 mm and smaller 15mm diameters.

Every light bulb in our catalogue meets rigorous EU and UK standards. We guarantee that they are ethically manufactured, tested, and sourced. Because we hand-pick our products, we are able to ensure the highest level of quality combined with reasonable prices.

If you made a purchase but something is not to your liking, you can make use of our no-questions asked 30-day return and replacement policy.

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