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This product category revolves around our high-quality GLS Bulbs, which are manufactured to the highest industry standard. These GLS bulbs follow strict industry regulations and revolve around sustainable and economical technologies.

These GLS LED bulbs are designed to replace your existing incandescent light bulbs, which are not as popular as this eco-friendly alternative. These LED bulbs use less energy, save you more money in the long run, and will reduce the need to change your bulbs as often.

We have a wide variety of sizes, colour temperatures, wattage, and lumen output in our GLS bulb collection, which means you can find the one that suits your current fitting.


Types of GLS LED Bulbs

GLS stands for a general lampshade and is the common name for the well-known pear-shaped design, which was traditional used for incandescent bulbs. While we have many different shaped bulbs in our collection, our GLS bulbs still hold a special place in our collection due to their versatility and durability.

The standard pear shape of this GLS LED bulb makes it an easy switch from your current energy-guzzling, incandescent bulbs. If you like the current appeal of your incandescent bulbs but want to save money and energy, this is the perfect switch to make right now.

Our collection of GLS bulbs features various combinations of colour temperature, base types and wattage. For example, we have a B22 bayonet base fitting with cool light, but we also have a B22 bayonet base fitting with warm light. We also have a variety of screw bases and some GLS bulbs with filaments.

In our collection, you will be able to find a bulb that suits your requirements and applications.

Different types of GLS LED lighting temperature

To create different ambiences in each room, we have different GLS bulb colour temperatures available. As you can see from our collection, we have warm lights and cool lights. Warm lights have a colour temperature of around 2700K, while the cooler, white light LED bulbs have a colour temperature of around 6500K. This scale showcases the differences in colour temperature between the different LED candle bulbs.

The warm lights are great at creating a cosy and calming atmosphere, making them ideal for peaceful places such as the living room. On the other hand, the cool light is whiter, which is perfect for areas where you study as it helps keep you focused. Cool light is also perfect for your kitchen, as it will allow you to better see activities that require more precision, such as cutting vegetables. 

Base Type

Each bulb has a different base type, which is indicated in a code format. The base of the bulb provides an electrical connection once the lamp socket joins the base. Many applications, such as lamps or fixtures, will dictate what bulb base is needed for that particular fitting.

In our GLS LED bulb collection, we have bases such as B22 and E27. There are different types of cases and bases, such as the bayonet, which is the twist and lock base, the screw, and the pin and push-fit; we have many of these cases in our GLS bulb collection.  The B22 is the classic bayonet base fitting, while the E27 is the popular screw cap.

Benefits of GLS candle bulbs

Making the switch from traditional bulbs to GLS bulbs is easy when the benefits are highlighting. While GLS bulbs look similar to the pear-shaped design of incandescent bulbs, our LED bulbs are vastly more cost-effective, energy-efficient, durable and safer.

GLS LED bulbs do not use a portion of their energy to create heat from the electrical supply; instead, they focus on creating light, making them last longer. You won't need to pull out your step-ladder as often with these bulbs in your home. 

The exceptional colour range is also a desirable benefit to installing GLS bulbs in your home, as they can range from cool to warm colour temperatures, which helps you set the tone of the room.

Each GLS LED bulb in our collection details the specifications to ensure that you select the right bulb for your home and applications. For example, the specifications include the input voltage, length of the warranty, beam angle, lumens and light colour. All of these details are needed when selecting your GLS bulb.

Why buy LED GLS bulbs from

Customer satisfaction is our main priority at All Lights. We work with our customers to ensure they are receiving high-quality bulbs from our online store. We want to illuminate your residential or commercial property while going the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience with All Lights.

You can add as many LED GLS bulbs as you need to your online shopping basket, with the knowledge that we offer free UK shipping on all orders of our LED bulbs. There is no minimum order value, or other requirements, as we want you to buy what you need, not what the minimum spend is on the website. With our range of GLS LED bulbs, you will be able to illuminate your kitchen, reading nook or function, to ensure that you can carry out your activities.

All Lights Lighting Solutions 

All of our LED GLS bulbs have been rigorously tested by our suppliers to ensure that they meet set criteria which mean they meet the strict UK standards and are A+ energy rated. Quality and safety are at the centre of our business, which is why we follow such strict procedures.

Feel free to read more about our LED GLS bulbs, such as what the right colour bulb for your room is or what shape can make a difference in your property, on our information page. Browse through our collection of LED GLS bulbs today, and see how our lighting can make a difference to your property.