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Cool White Light Bulbs

At first glance, light may appear colourless. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that light has a certain tint. The morning light and sunsets feature warm yellowish colours. In winter or on a cloudy day, the light has cool blue undertones. The light that is neither cool nor warm is seen on a cloudless afternoon. Similar to natural sunlight, LED bulbs can produce neutral, cool, or warm light. If you’re looking for lighting to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity, cool white light bulbs fit the bill.

What is Colour Temperature

Colour temperature (measured in Kelvin) is the hue the light emits. The scale starts at 800K, which corresponds to a dim glow of red-hot objects. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the light features 20,000K, and it is similar to the sky in polar latitudes. The lower the colour temperature, the warmer the light. Conversely, the higher the temperature, the colder the light appears.

In LED bulbs, 2700K means warm light. A colour temperature of about 6500K corresponds to cold shades. You can also find 4000K LED bulbs- these produce universal neutral light.

Why Colour Temperature Matters

Thanks to LED technology, not only can we reduce our electricity bills but also choose the colour of light. You should consider the following factors when picking LED bulbs for your rooms: 

• mood and activity. While warm colours promote relaxation, cool light enhances focus and invigorates. Cool white colour is ideal for offices, kitchens, workplaces, garages, and other rooms intended for work.

• colour perception. A subtle shade of light can change the colours of the surroundings. Cool light is able to complete interiors filled with neutral colours and simple geometric shapes

How Cool Light Can Affects Your Interiors

Cool light creates a perfect ambience for increasing productivity. That’s why it is widespread in offices and industrial facilities. At the same time, cool white light bulbs can be found in various rooms of your dwelling. Numerous studies show that cool shades of light improve concentration, enhance brain activity, and accelerate information procession. It makes sense to use this light in areas where you work and study – in your desk lamp, home office, library, etc. 

When it comes to colour perception, cool light makes blue, grey, and other shades of the blue spectrum bright and crisp. Cool white LED bulbs will give green interiors an emerald hue. At the same time, cool light mutes warm interior colours: orange will appear brown, and yellow will acquire greenish undertones. Along with that, cool light tends to seem brighter. It looks beneficial in large rooms since it helps emphasize their size and as if fills the space with more air.

Where Can I Use Cool White Light Bulbs?

Cool lighting is an excellent idea for minimalistic interiors.   If you’d like to put an emphasis on geometric shapes and contrasting accents in your room, cool white LED bulbs will provide a cohesive finishing touch. 

Cool light looks favourable in high-tech, constructivism, minimalism, and futurism interior designs. It is especially beneficial for modern materials including plastic, metal, and chrome since it highlights their best features. Cool light is also felicitous for Scandinavian style interiors. 

We recommend cool white LED bulbs for the following purposes: 

• provide bright illumination to workspaces;

• complete modern style interiors;

• ensure invigorating ambience in the bathroom and dressing room.

Besides this, cool white LED bulbs are a popular choice for public spaces, especially offices, medical institutions, schools, universities, warehouses, and retail shops. 

Types of Cool White Light Bulbs

Our cool white LED bulbs are available in a wide array of shapes and fittings to suit all your needs to a T. We deliver the following varieties:

-           E27 Edison Screw – their fitting type is similar to incandescent and halogen bulbs meaning they are a hassle-free replacement for older, less effective lighting technology. To install such a light bulb, you just  need to screw it into an existing E27 fitting and you’re ready to go;

-           E14 Edison Screw – these cool white light bulbs are similar to their bigger brothers. The only difference is the screw size. While E27 feature a screw of 27 mm, E14 has 14 mm across;

-           B22 Bayonet cap – this is one of the most popular bulb types in the UK. Instead of a screw, they have a cap measuring 22 mm with two pins on each side. This type of fitting is super easy to install – push and twist it and you’re done;

-           B15 Small Bayonet – similar to B22, these are mounted with a push and twist action. The difference is only in the size of the cap. This one is designed for smaller fittings that accommodate caps of 15 mm in diameter. 

We supply our cool white LED bulbs in all popular shapes ranging from traditional GLS to modern golf ball and candle. No matter which lighting ideas you have, we’ll help bring them to life. 

Benefits of Buying Cool White LED Bulbs from All Lights

All Lights is a UK-based online store specializing in cost-effective lighting solutions. We partner with the best suppliers to deliver eco-friendly and inexpensive LED bulbs boasting thousands of hours of life expectancy. When you shop at All Lights, you can count on these benefits:

-           hassle-free 30-day return policy;

-           swift UK mainland shipping from Royal Mail;

-           attractive prices ;

-           a wide selection of shapes and fitting types;

-           cool and warm white LED bulbs;

-           money-saving technology underlying our bulbs.

-           LED bulbs from All Lights are all you need for the bright future of your home. Make it a dynamic and contemporary place with the range of cool white LEDs we provide. 

Besides this, cool white LED bulbs are a popular choice for public spaces, especially offices, medical institutions, schools, universities, warehouses, and retail shops.