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LED Bulb Shapes

At All Lights, we don’t just sell inexpensive light bulbs, we provide an enjoyable experience. No matter which bulb shape, fitting type, or wattage you buy, you can take advantage of our hassle-free 30-day return guarantee and no-charge shipping across the UK. We supply light bulbs from some of the best-known brands that deliver unsurpassed quality, affordable prices, and thousands of hours of life expectancy. is always a great choice for your lighting needs.


Bulb Shapes

GLS Shape Bulbs A60

If you’re going to replace an incandescent light bulb with something more economical and eco-friendly, you’ll need GLS bulbs. They feature Edison screw fittings similar to those of old bulbs so it will take only a few seconds to install a replacement into your existing fixture. Thanks to a familiar shape that has been around since the late 1800s, GLS (stands for General Lighting Service) is a versatile option suitable for a variety of purposes. Try our filament GLS LEDs if you wish that your retro-looking bulbs become an integral part of interior design. 

Golf Ball Shape Bulbs G45

Similarly to GLS, golf ball LED bulbs feature a round shape. However, unlike their predecessors, they have smaller bulb dimensions. If you have limited space in your lamp or sconce, golf ball bulbs will come in handy. Make your lighting fixture extra special with filament golf bulbs that emulate the design of centuries-old incandescent bulbs.

Candle Shape C37

Are you in the market for bulbs to match the elegant design of your lighting fixture? You’ll find them in our light store. Candle bulbs, otherwise known as chandelier bulbs, are a perfect choice for decorative purposes. Their tapered shape, which looks similar to a candle flame, is a way to enhance the beauty of your lighting appliances. We also supply LED filament candle bulbs if you’re into retro styles. 

Reflector Shape Bulbs R50 R63 R80

Your interiors will look even more contemporary if you opt for reflector light bulbs. Not only do they have a statement shape but also they benefit from tiny reflectors sitting within the bulb. These reflectors help focus the light in a certain way meaning you get directional illumination. Reflector LED bulbs are a wise choice for workstations, desks, kitchens, garages, and every place where you need to make the most of lighting. 

GU10 Spot light bulbs
GU10 bulbs are a nice alternative to reflectors when you’re in need of bright directional light. We supply this type of light bulbs with rounded and flat plastic enclosures. Before purchasing GU10 bulbs, make sure your lighting fixture is compatible with this kind of fitting.