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Edison Bulb E27

Although the most common type of light bulb in the UK features bayonet caps, it is more than likely that some of your lighting fixtures are paired with Edison screw bulbs. If your lamp carries the marking ES or E27, it is compatible with an E27 LED bulb. With the traditional screw-into-place fitting method and energy-efficient technology at their core, these bulbs are an excellent replacement for old incandescent or halogen counterparts.


What are E27 LED Bulbs

Imagine the shape and socket of an old incandescent bulb. Its base has a screw fitting that goes into a matching fitment of a lighting appliance. E27 LED bulbs feature the same design. Their name basically stands for Edison and the socket size of 27 millimetres. While incandescent and E27 LED light bulbs have a similar look, the latter benefit from energy-saving technology. They do a great job when it comes to converting electricity into light. A low-wattage (5 W) LED bulb provides as much illumination as a 40 W incandescent one. The difference is a staggering 90%! You will definitely see it in your electricity bill. 

One more reason to opt for E27 LED bulbs instead of incandescent counterparts is low heat output. The outside temperature of a regular 100-watt bulb can reach up to 120 C. A few such light bulbs can really warm up your room. Moreover, they can even melt plastic fixtures. Incandescent bulbs turn only 5% of consumed energy into light. The rest results in heat emission.

LED bulbs work differently. The surface of the bulb is just slightly warmer than room temperature. This means that your table lamp, sconce, or chandelier won’t make you sweat. Plus, they won’t cause a bad smell or melting plastic. Summing up, E27 LED bulbs are a great way to brighten up your rooms without wasting money on unnecessary heating.

Shapes of E27 LED Bulbs

If you enjoy a traditional pear-shaped look of light bulbs, E27 won’t disappoint you. More often than not, they are available in the time-tested GLS shape. Standing for General Lighting Service, this design has been around since the early 20th century. It is compatible with most lighting fixtures regardless of their size and construction. We recommend LED bulbs with a white enclosure if your appliance has a lampshade hiding the source of light and filament designs if it puts a bulb on display. 

Filament E27 LED bulbs are constructed to imitate the look and feel of vintage Edison bulbs. They have a clear plastic or glass lens that focuses attention on the filament. This design is all the rage these days, so if you want to add a touch of retro to your interiors, filament LED lights are just the right thing. supply E27 LED bulbs in a variety of shapes. Candle E27 ES are a great option for chandeliers due to their elegant shape that resembles a candle. We have candle LED bulbs in frosted and transparent shells to help bring all your design ideas to life. Filament LED candle bulbs are an excellent solution for interiors that pay tribute to vintage styles. 

Golf ball E27 LED bulbs provide a round enclosure of a smaller size. They are an optimal solution for lighting fixtures featuring a limited space such as table lamps or night lights. While they look somewhat smaller than candle designs, they provide the same light output. 

The newest addition to our E27 LED inventory is LED Reflector bulbs. These innovative designs have tiny reflectors within the bulb that help focus light in a certain direction. The result is a bright directional light that efficiently illuminates workstations, kitchens, desks, etc. 

All of these light bulbs are available in various powers. 5W LED bulbs are a proportional replacement for 40 W incandescent lights. Opt for 10W LED if you’re looking for an equivalent of 60-watt bulbs. With a 15W LED bulb, you can have as much light as a 135W incandescent bulb provides.  

E27 LED Bulb Colour Temperature

We know that your ambience lighting needs vary depending on the purpose of the room and your preferences. Here, at, we deliver LED bulbs featuring different colour temperatures to match all of your ideas. 

Measured in Kelvin, colour temperature indicates the tone of light a bulb emits. 2700K refers to warm colours providing a yellowish illumination. Warm light is perfect if you’d like to create a cosy or romantic atmosphere. Such light bulbs are the right choice for bedrooms, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. 

Looking for bright light for your workspace, kitchen, basement, office, or industrial area? Then you can’t go without cool white light bulbs. Because of the bluish light they give off, they appear to shine brighter than their warm counterparts. Their colour temperature normally exceeds 6500K. Everything that is between 2700K and 6000K is a universal option that is suitable for both productive and relaxation areas. 

Benefits of E27 LED Bulbs from

We supply a wide range of eco-friendly LED E27 bulbs featuring a variety of shapes, wattages, and colour temperatures. We source them from leading manufacturers, that’s why our prices are always on the lower end. Every single light bulb we provide meets rigorous UK standards – we guarantee their safety and long service life. They are produced without using any toxic chemicals and their lifetime of more than 15 000 hours will let you safe on replacement costs within at least 5 years. 

When opting for E27 LED bulbs from, you get all these benefits:

-           30-day return policy;

-           Fast no-charge UK mainland shipping via Royal Mail;

-           Life expectancy of 15 000 hours and more;

-           Affordable pricing;

-           Warm and Cool colour temperatures;

-           A wide selection of shapes;

-           Energy-efficient technologies;

-           Retro-looking filament LED bulbs.

All-Lights combine a wide range of cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting products with excellent customer service. We go to great lengths to ensure a smooth ordering process, fast delivery, and great experience with all our light bulbs. When it comes to economical and effective lighting solutions, you can count on us.