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Bayonet Bulb B22

What is one light bulb you are likely to find all across the country? The classic B22 Bayonet fitting. This type of bulb is highly versatile, popular and affordable, which makes it the ideal lighting solution for your home, workspace or any location that needs illuminating.

Bayonet light bulbs are specifically designed to have two mounts on either side of the bulb of the bayonet cap. At the bottom of the cap, you will typically see two electrical foot contacts, along with insulation. The bulb itself will differ depending on the type of bayonet bulb you purchase; for example, there are classic designs, LED and filament bulbs.

Classic bayonet bulbs feature components such as a glass mount, support wire, glass bulb, tungsten filament, lead wire and exhaust tube.

We have a wide range of B22 Bayonet bulbs, which are ideal for any home or office. You can browse through our collection of bulbs and see our different types and designs, including candle shape B22 LED bulbs, standard GLS B22 LED bulbs, and golf ball shape B22 LED bulbs.


Explaining B22 Bayonet bulbs

A Bayonet bulb is commonly referred to as the twist and lock bulb, as it has two pins that retract and then expand into the slots in the fitting once it is twisted into place. The B22 letter and number refer to the type of bulb you have, along with the diameter. For example, our B22 Bayonet bulbs are 22mm in diameter, which is considered large.

Our B22 Bayonet bulbs are typically used with larger lights as they are specifically designed to harbour a higher wattage, which means they can produce a brighter light.

Benefits of Bayonet bulbs

Bayonet bulbs are widely used, especially in residential settings, as they are available in decorative and vintage styles, affecting the contemporary feel of each room in your home.

Specifically, B22 Bayonet bulbs are brighter than their smaller counterpart, which means they can produce a brighter light. A brighter light can help in different rooms in your house, especially the living room, office or bedroom, where light is needed to illuminate the entire room.

Our collection of Bayonet Bulbs

We have a range of Bayonet bulbs in our collection, including various colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K. A 2700K bulb is warm light, which will have a similar light colour to an incandescent bulb. This type of Bayonet light is ideal if you are looking to have a warm atmosphere, which is a perfect choice for bedrooms, as it helps to promote relaxation.

A colour temperature of 6500K, on the other hand, is a bluish-white, which resembles sunlight at noon. This type of Bayonet light is perfect for busy areas, such as your study, office, school or workshop, where concentration is needed the most.

Our range of Bayonet bulbs also includes a range of designs, such as the candle shape B22 LED bulbs and golf ball shape B22 LED bulbs. The design of your bayonet bulb can influence your home or office subtly but effectively. For example, the candle bayonet bulbs offer elegance, thanks to the shape, which can add a cosy ambience to your space. We also have LED golf ball Bayonet bulbs, which are ideal for light fixtures which tend to be on the smaller side.

All of our Bayonet bulbs in our collection are affordable, high-quality, reliable and durable, which means your home or office will be illuminated successfully. We are proud of the wide range of bulbs we offer our customers, as they are available in a range of shapes, sizes, colour temperature and bases.

Why buy Bayonet bulbs from

The lighting in your home or office is important as it can affect the mood, productivity and atmosphere, which is why selecting the right one, is crucial for your space. Thanks to our wide array of bulbs, you can select the style, temperature, cool and design that suits your space. Whether you are looking for a B22 Bayonet with warm light or a candle Filament B22 BC warm bulb, we have you covered.

We have different combinations of base types, designs and temperatures for you to select. For example, we have the B22 BC Bayonet bulb, which has a candle filament design and a warm light. This is just one combination out of many that you can choose from.

As you can see from our collection, we aim to provide you with different types of bulbs to suit your needs and requirements. This is why, when it comes to our number one aim, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We work with you, our customer, to ensure that you receive a high-quality bulb from our convenient online store. We want to illuminate your commercial or residential property while going the extra mile to ensure you have a high-quality experience with

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Right now, on, you can add as many bulbs as you need to your online shopping basket, with the comforting knowledge that we offer free UK shipping on certain bulbs. There is also no minimum order value, or other restricting requirements, as we want you to have the freedom to order what you need and not spend just because you have to reach a minimum spend value.

For additional peace of mind, all our B22 Bayonet bulbs are vigorously tested by our suppliers and conform to UK standards to ensure they meet a strict list of standards. These standards ensure that you receive high-quality bulbs, which are safe to use in your home or office.

If you have any questions about the B22 Bayonet bulbs, we have in our collection, feel free to reach out to a member of the All Lights team. We will happily help you find the bulb you need for your home or office. If you need help finding the right Bayonet bulb for your home or office, our team are ready to help.