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Small Bayonet Bulb B15

As their name suggests, small bayonet cap light bulbs offer a more compact size compared to standard B22 counterparts. Nevertheless, they feature the same convenience, ease of use, and versatility as their bigger brothers. If your desk lamp or sconce has a miniature fitting, they need small bayonet bulbs to do their thing. Here is what you need to know about this type of bayonet bulb.


What are Small Bayonet Bulbs

While the most widespread bayonet light bulbs have a base diameter of 22 millimetres, small bayonet caps feature only 15 mm across. This size is reflected in the product code – B15 or SBC. Apart from the base diameter, both types of light bulbs are pretty similar.

Similarities between B22 and B15 Light Bulbs:

    Thanks to a bayonet cap, they are easily installed with a push and twist action. 

    They have a range of domestic applications. 

    Based on your aesthetic preferences, you can use light bulbs with cool light (6500K) and warm light (2700K). 

    They are available in a variety of shapes such as candle and golf ball.

    You can take advantage of filament light bulbs.

Small Bayonet Cap Bulb Applications

These compact light bulbs are ubiquitous in homes across the UK. If your lighting fixture is on a smaller side, it is likely that it teams up with SBC bulbs. More often than not, you can find these bulbs in decorative lightings, desk lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, lighted makeup mirrors, under cabinet lighting… the list can go on and on. They are also widely used for commercial purposes such as in outdoor and indoor signs and product displays.

Because small bayonet cap bulbs take less space than their ‘bigger brothers’, they allow creating more elegant and sophisticated lighting solutions. SBC light bulbs contribute to aesthetically pleasing designs since they make it possible to replace wide parts with narrower ones. 

Energy Saving Solutions

Small bayonet cap bulbs are a preferable option for domestic lighting solutions not only due to their size but also energy efficiency. Typically, these LED bulbs are low voltage of either 4 or 5 watts. However, due to a better conversion of electricity into light, they are able to replace 30W and 40W incandescent lights respectively. Saving up to 90% on your electricity bills, doesn’t it sound tempting? 

Along with that, these light bulbs produce little heat. You can safely use them in fixtures with paper, textile, wood, bamboo, and plastic lampshades. There won’t be any unpleasant odour or colour change with these light bulbs. Halogen and traditional incandescence bulbs can’t hold a candle to LED small bayonet cap peers when it comes to safety, convenience, and cost-efficiency. 

B15 LED Light Bulbs by All Lights

All Lights is a one-stop-shop for small bayonet cap bulbs and other budget-friendly solutions to illuminate your home. We supply a wide range of SBC / B15 bulbs including:

  • candle bulbs – this tapered design is sought-after in decorative light fixtures, chandeliers, and vintage lamps thanks to their resemblance to a candle. Opt for this option if you want to emphasize the elegance and refinement of your style.
  • golf bulbs – this option mimics the round design of a golf ball. These bulbs are ideal for fixtures with limited space. 
  • filament small bayonet cap bulbs – instead of having an opaque exterior, these bulbs proudly display what they have on the inside thus paying tribute to vintage incandescence bulbs. However, whilst providing a retro look and feel, they consume less power due to LED technology. Filament SBCs are the best fit for lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs.

Looking for a light bulb to create a certain mood in your rooms? Then we’ve got you covered. All Lights deliver cool and warm white bulbs to help make your interior complete.

  • warm white bulbs producing a yellowish light of 2700-3000 Kelvin are just what the doctor ordered for a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. They will add a feel of tranquillity to bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, dens, etc. 
  • cool white light bulbs will come in handy for illuminating studies, offices, workstations, kitchens, etc. These SBC bulbs ensure a higher lumen output meaning they shine brighter than their warm counterparts. They are also indispensable for areas that put an emphasis on dynamic and contemporary (and even futuristic) interior designs. 
Benefits of Small Bayonet Bulbs by All Lights

When purchasing small bayonet bulbs from our UK-based online store, you get much more than convenience. You open yourself to new energy- and cost-effective solutions that help make your home the place you’ve always wanted to live in.

So, don’t hesitate to reap the following benefits of shopping at All Lights:

-           free UK-wide delivery courtesy of Royal Mail;

-           30-day return policy;

-           economically-priced small bayonet cap bulbs;

-           life expectancy of approximately 15,000 hours;

-           warm and cold light temperatures;

-           golf ball and candle SBC bulb shapes;

-           filament LED bulbs.

Small bayonet LED bulbs are a long-lasting and versatile option to light up any space. No matter how many rooms your house has and whatever their purposes are, there is room for LED bulbs compatible with 15 mm fittings. These are miniature but very powerful solutions to substitute obsolete incandescent bulbs. Opt for these light bulbs and cut your electricity expenditure by almost 90%. 

Not only do they practical but also easy on the eye. We are happy to offer filament small bayonet bulbs to emulate the look of antique Edison lights. It’s so easy to create the right atmosphere in your domicile with professional, budget-friendly, and long-lasting solutions brought to you by All Lights. Not only in your house, but you can also use them for industrial and commercial applications with the same level of efficiency and comfort.