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    Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience with our online shop. Besides hand-picked products in our inventory, you can count on free UK mainland shipping courtesy of Royal Mail. Unlike other sellers we do not have any minimum order value or other requirements – you just add as many bulbs as you need to your shopping cart and get a swift no-charge delivery.

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    LED bulbs are a trouble-free and energy-saving solution for houses, restaurants, bars, hotels, industrial facilities, and basically any place where lighting is required. When buying from, not only can you benefit from all advantages of LED lighting but also affordable pricing and excellent customer service.

    Quality Assured LED Lighting:

    We source our light bulbs from trustworthy manufactures offering the best price-quality ratio. You don’t need to pay more for renowned brands which prices exceed your expectations. With All Lights, you can expect the same quality at a significantly lower cost. Every single light bulb we sell is ethically sourced and tested. Plus, they meet all UK’s standards and requirements. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can make use of our 30-days return and replacement policy.

    Great Selection of LED Lights: has a comprehensive selection of GU10, Golf, Candle, Reflector, GLS and Filament LED light bulbs in cool and warm colours, affordable prices, and an unrivalled experience. Let yourself take every advantage of the UK’s fastest growing expert in lighting.


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    High-quality LED Lighting Solutions

    LED lighting has become the go-to lighting solution for modern homes in recent years, including new builds and commercial properties. The reasoning behind the switch from incandescent and fluorescent lights to LED lighting was because of the long list of benefits that came with LED solutions. From a longer life span to higher brightness, LED lighting is the future of illuminating your home or commercial property.

    At All Lights, you will find a range of energy-efficient LED bulbs that will help you save the planet, all while cutting costs and brightening your home. We have a range of candle LED bulbs and LED reflector bulbs, amongst other shapes and fittings.

    LED bulbs take on board the best parts of traditional light bulbs while forgoing inefficiencies and replacing them with innovative and cost-effective designs.

    What are LED light bulbs?

    LED bulbs, or light-emitting diodes, are the future of home lighting. These bulbs will illuminate your home for longer, are safer than incandescent bulbs and can produce more light. These electric light bulbs produce light by using lift-emitting diodes, hence the name. These light bulbs emit less heat, which means they use less energy turning energy into heat, resulting in longer-lasting bulbs as the energy is focused on creating light instead.

    Why choose LED lighting UK?

    There are many reasons to select LED lighting over traditional light bulbs, including longer life spans, energy efficiency, reliability, durability, safety and even colour range.

    LED Lighting has a longer life span than its traditional light bulb counterparts. Due to LED light bulbs having lower heat levels, it means they can outlast other bulbs, in some instances, by thousands of hours.

    Specifically, the filament in traditional light bulbs will weaken over time, which means that the bulb will burn out, sometimes very quickly. LED lighting, on the other hand, does not burn out in the same manner. LED light bulbs decrease the output of lighting gradually, which increases the bulb’s lifespan while still illuminating your room.

    LEDs are also durable, sturdy and reliable, as they can operate safely and can withstand more impact than other forms of light bulbs. They can withstand more impact from them not having fragile parts, such as filaments, that other traditional forms of lighting possess.

    Energy efficiency is also a key benefit of LED lighting, as they are capable of turning more of their energy into light, which means your home will be illuminated for longer. Other forms of traditional lighting waste their energy, as they turn it into heat, which LED lighting does not do. Incandescent bulbs, for example, can get extremely hot, which makes them dangerous as they can cause others to burn themselves.

    LED bulbs use approximately 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, as they are better at converting electricity into light. Using LED bulbs can help you reduce your carbon emissions, especially when replacing your traditional bulbs. The less energy you use, the less carbon emissions released into the environment. LED bulbs use less energy, which in turn affects your carbon footprint. This small, yet effective change, can help you become more eco-friendly.

    Realistically, LED lighting means you won’t need to pull out your step ladder to change the bulbs in your home as much, which can save you more time. Since these bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs, it also means you will be saving money in the long run, as you will be buying fewer bulbs in your lifetime.

    Why shape matters

    When it comes to buying your LED bulbs, the shape matters. There are so many different shapes of LED bulbs, including candles, bulged reflectors, globes, candle twisted, straight-sided and more. LED light bulbs come in different shapes to suit different types of applications, and in some cases, for an aesthetic appearance.

    For example, recessed light fixtures, or downlights, will require different LED light bulbs from a traditional ceiling light.

    Picking the right LED colour

    Soft lighting, warm lighting, colourful lighting, LED light bulbs can do it all. Selecting the right colour temperature can transform the feel of your entire room, which is why it is important to consider before making your purchase. You can even find colour changing LED bulbs, which are great for party occasions or kid’s rooms, as it changes the feel of the room.

    Traditionally, however, many people select warm or cool LED bulbs to set the tone of the entire room.

    Benefits of energy-saving bulbs from All-Lights?

    There is a whole list of reasons to purchase your energy-saving LED lighting from, but the main reason revolves around our customers.

    When it comes to our aim, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We work with our customers to ensure they are receiving a high-quality product and service from our team. We want to illuminate your residential or commercial property while going the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience with

    Add as many bulbs as you need to your online shopping basket, with the knowledge that we offer free UK shipping on all orders of our LED bulbs. There is no minimum order value, or other requirements, as we want you to buy what you need, not what ordering criteria you need to meet. Lighting Solutions

    All of our LED Lighting UK products have been rigorously tested by our suppliers to ensure that they meet a set list of criteria which means they conform to UK standards and are A+ energy rated. Quality and safety are paramount to our business, which is why we follow such strict procedures.

    Feel free to read more about our bulbs, such as discovering the right colour bulb for your room or what shape can make a difference in your home, on our information page. Browse through our collection of LED lighting products today, and see how our lighting can make a difference to your residential or commercial property.

    If you have any questions about the lighting, we have in our collection, feel free to reach out to a member of the team. We will happily help you find the bulb you need.